Snow Plow

Inclement Weather

Closings Due to Weather

Information regarding a WMAA closing due to inclement weather will be advertised on WOOD-TV 8, FOX-17, WOTV-4, and WZZM-13. It will also be posted on Facebook and the WMAA homepage.

Tornado Procedure

If there is severe weather WATCH or WARNING during school hours, students will remain in school until regular dismissal. They may be detained beyond the school’s regular dismissal if the weather conditions warrant. Parents may pick up their students at any time, or the student may be released to any adult designated by the parent or guardian.

If a WATCH or WARNING occurs outside of school hours, the school will not begin any school activity. After-school activities may be held if such activities are scheduled to begin one hour after a tornado watch or warning has been lifted.


Conditions conducive for tornado formation exist in the area. Students and staff may be detained if weather warrants.


One or more tornadoes have been sighted in the area. Take cover immediately.


The possibility of severe storms, including dangerous lightning, damaging winds, and possible hail exists in the watch area. Students and staff may be detained if weather warrants.


Storms, as described above, are in the area and are imminent. Students may be detained. In the event of any of the above conditions, keep tuned to the radio or television for details.

Parents must assume the responsibility for making certain that their students understand and follow these procedures, as well as instructing their students to stay off the streets once they reach home.

Parents are encouraged to provide alternate transportation and home arrangements if there is a need to release students for other types of emergencies (power outage, loss of heat, etc.) Please attempt to locate an alternate home of a friend or relative where your student could go until such time as you return home. Please review your family’s plan with your student on a regular basis during the school year.