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Graduating from WMAA

WMAA meets all high school curriculum requirements under Michigan state law through the Michigan Merit Curriculum. WMAA also implements unique curriculum requirements to align with the mission of the school. A total of 26 credits are required for graduation as outlined below.

Please note that WMAA also places significant emphasis on volunteering as part of the educational and developmental process. Students can earn volunteer hours through school-sanctioned volunteer opportunities or work with their counselor to identify appropriate opportunities on their own.

4 credits

Completion through Algebra II content standards

All students must have a math experience senior year

4 credits
3 credits

1 Physical Science

1 Chemical Science

1 Life Science

3 credits

1 World History

1 U.S History

.5 Government

.5 Economics

.5 credit
.5 credit
1 credit

Met through Intro to Engineering & Robotics, Automation, and Manufacturing

2 credits

Two credits of the same world language

8 credits

Aviation, engineering, or elective courses

100 hours (pro-rated for transfer students)

Good faith effort on required State of Michigan assessments