Based on the Spring 2022 SAT, WMAA has the highest percentage of students who demonstrated college readiness in Kent County, and the 4th highest percentage in Michigan!

VEX Team

Get Involved!

Make the most of your high school career with clubs and activities. To learn more about any of these options, please visit the office and request more information. Please note that the financial cost for participation in all clubs and activities is the student’s responsibility.

WMAA Cheer Club is an opportunity for interested students to spread school pride, build community, acquire basic tumbling/stunting skills, and provide sideline cheering at our JV/Varsity basketball games. Participation in the club requires a commitment from October – March.

This club meets monthly, choosing a different local restaurant each time to experience a variety of cultural cuisines over dinner. Students can attend whenever it fits with their schedule.

This club arranges a spring break trip each year to experience authentic language and culture.

This organization recognizes qualified and selected outstanding Juniors and Seniors who continually demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership, service and character. The goal of an NHS chapter is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop excellence in character in our students. Membership in NHS gives our students the opportunity to not only be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments, but also to continue building their skills and character as they serve their community.

Club members build and pilot remote control (R/C) aircraft. In addition to being a fun hobby, this skill also acts as a natural building block for both aerospace engineering and aviation flight science.

Club members receive a free youth American Modelers Association (AMA) membership and develop the necessary skills to confidently participate in the sport of R/C.

Members also enjoy the mentorship and expertise of members of the Kent Radio Aero Modelers (KRAM) Club, who volunteer weekly to help students become seasoned R/C enthusiasts. This year-round club allows students to participate when their schedule allows.

The VEX Robotics Club helps students learn to build and control robots and compete with other teams. The WMAA team participates in Grand Rapids Junior Robotics competitions.

Science Olympiad is a competition involving teams of up to 15 students in 23 events, a third of which change from one season to the next. These events deal with Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Earth Science and Engineering. Typically, pairs of students compete in hour-long time slots in each event. Events can be grouped into test-only (no pre-built device), build-only (no written test) and hybrid.

WMAA competes in about seven tournaments per season ranging from small Michigan invitationals hosting 15 teams, to National invitationals hosting upwards of 236 teams. We’ve finished top-5 in Region-12 since 2019. This past season we competed in tournaments hosted by Northview, SONI, Haslett, Frankenmuth, Allendale, GVSU and MSU. Contact our Student Leadership Team or Coaches for more information.

This is primarily a student-run club that meets to discuss and learn about space-related topics. It meets after school on an ad-hoc basis.

Student Council is comprised of students from all grades, elected by their peers. Freshman elections occur in September. Upperclassmen are elected in the spring. Student Council sponsors a number of activities each year including Spirit Week, community service activities, and other fundraising activities for various nonprofit organizations.

This club is comprised of students who appreciate physical fitness and are willing to work hard to attain it. Club members train using a variety of pre-designed circuits, focusing on chest, arm, back, leg, and core muscle groups.

Participation in the club requires a yearlong membership, as club members recognize that being fit is a lifelong goal. However, students who also participate on sports teams or other clubs may take a hiatus from the club to avoid schedule overload and/or muscle exhaustion.

This is a club run by Grand Valley graduate assistants and a WMAA faculty member. The goal of the club is to provide opportunities to women interested in pursuing futures in STEM fields. Club meetings include guest speakers, projects, and an opportunity to connect young women with shared interests.