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Request Student Volunteers

Let Our Students Help!

At WMAA, we believe that volunteering helps build character and a sense of community while also giving back to our broader community. We love to get our students involved in projects that will benefit others. We are especially interested in projects that will help our students develop civic-mindedness, independent work skills, and/or a sense of teamwork.

If you have a project that you think might be a good fit, we would love to share the opportunity with our students. To share about an opportunity, or to solicit student volunteers for your program or event, please provide the name of the organization, date(s) and time(s) of service, and information for how students can sign up or learn more.

To highlight your community service opportunity:

1. Send a flyer to be posted on school bulletin boards for students to jiacco@westmichiganaviation.org

2. Send a single Google or PowerPoint slide to share with the student body at large to jiacco@westmichiganaviation.org

Note: WMAA students serve others at least 100 hours during their four years of high school.

Many of our students may ask you to sign off on their volunteer service form at the completion of the project.