Aerospace Engineering

Following the Project Lead the Way curriculum, Aerospace Engineering explores the evolution of flight, navigation and control, flight fundamentals, aerospace materials, propulsion, space travel, and orbital mechanics.

Computer Science

This course introduces students to computer science concepts that will help them gain a broader understanding of computer architecture, the use of computer code, networks, and the Internet.

Digital Engineering & Computer Aided Drafting and Design

This course provides an introduction to two important engineering areas: computer-aided drafting and design and digital engineering.

Engineering Design & Development

Following the Project Lead The Way curriculum, students in this capstone course will work in teams to design and develop an original solution to a valid open-ended technical problem related to the by applying the engineering design process.

Introduction to Engineering Principles & Robotic Systems

This introductory lab and project-based course integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts and exposes students to fundamental theories of engineering and robotics, all with an aviation focus.