English 12


English 11





English 12 is a course in which students prepare for the reading and writing lives they will lead after high school. Three essential components exist: the choice reading program, professional writing, and world literature. In the first semester, we launch the choice reading program, which continues throughout the entire year. We then layer in a focus on the methodology of writing within the realms of post-secondary preparation. Towards the end of first semester, we will begin incorporating whole-class texts, studying multimodal literature (in the form of a podcast), the formation of one’s identity, and journeys. This evolves into second semester’s study of world literature. Important concepts from our whole-class texts include discernment, cultural understanding, and empathy with regard to all forms of literature in a global context. Students will seek to understand the moral and artistic value of various cultures through the works studied. Together we will learn and think about the world’s literatures and discuss other world views with an open mind.