12-Private Pilot Flight School


Private Pilot Ground School, Passed FAA Private Pilot Written Exam, FAA 3rd Class Medical Examination



Hours: 2.0 Hours

Grade Level:


The Private Pilot Flight School course is considered the capstone course for those students who have the desire and motivation to become FAA Certified Private Pilots. Students in this class can expect to utilize the WMAA Redbird simulator, advanced aviation simulation lab, and our Cessna 172s to complete the required FAA flight training requirements to become a private pilot. Additionally, this class will make full use of the Jeppesen Flight Training Syllabus and follow strict adherence to FAA performance standards to ensure student safety and success. The culmination of this class will be successful completion of the Private Pilot Practical Examination administered by an FAA Designated Flight Examiner. Note: There is an application process for this course and a signed parental consent is required to ensure students can meet the financial requirements associated with becoming a private pilot.