10 - Introduction to Aviation Flight Planning





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This Introduction to Aviation Flight Planning course is designed to expose students to the necessary math- related skills required for aviation flight science. Introduction to Aviation Flight Planning will make full use of aviation maps, charts, graphs, and flight planning tools. Basic algebra concepts will be utilized to complete flight-planning requirements associated with time, distance, speed, and fuel calculations. Additionally, the component of wind will be introduced as it relates to wind triangle calculations for flight planning and flight execution for calculating crosswind-landing requirements. Students will also be required to utilize the appropriate aviation-related charts and graphs to complete altitude conversions, aircraft weight and balance calculations, as well as takeoff and landing calculations. Finally, simple aviation map interpretation and airspace structure should be expected. The principles introduced in Introduction to Aviation Flight Planning will be extended and expanded upon for those students continuing in aviation flight science and engineering pathways. The course will also be used as a prerequisite requirement for Private Pilot Ground School.