Le, Liz

Liz Le Liz Le joined WMAA in the Fall of 2018, coming with nearly a decade of experience at the Higher Education level. When Liz graduated high school (not that long ago), she thought she wanted to be a high school teacher. She couldn’t quite determine if she simply never wanted to leave high school or if she actually would be a good teacher… At that time, the economy and teaching jobs were not on the upswing, and she quickly transitioned career pathways. Not having a traditional college experience, Liz spent 3+ years at the community college, while working full-time in the banking industry; finally deciding on an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Finance, from Davenport University. Liz spent a number of years working at Davenport University as well, in the Financial Aid Department, as a Counselor and Coordinator.

Liz eventually was recruited to come to Grand Valley State University, to work with the enrollment management teams, Financial Aid, Admissions and Records. She loved working directly with families and students, and began to pursue a Master’s Degree in Adult & Higher Education. Rather than go on for her Doctoral degree, Liz decided to pursue another master’s, that would allow her to potentially transition careers, while utilizing her higher education exposure. She spent a number of years finishing her School Counseling degree, also through Grand Valley State University. Directly before WMAA, Liz worked for an education management company, where she acted as the Director of Student Services. In this role, she oversaw 50 private schools across the country, in the capacity of post-secondary counseling, registrar duties and international student support.

WMAA isn’t foreign to Liz, as she spent time here while at GVSU, giving Financial Aid presentations to former WMAA families. It feels like it’s been a “long time coming” and home for her! If Liz isn’t working hard to support her students, she is spending time with her youth group, shopping or hosting. She also has a lovely family that keeps her busy; they include, her husband of over 12 years, Paul, and 4 children; Christopher, Davis, Cooper & Piper.