Whitcomb, Tyler

Tyler Whitcomb My name is Tyler Whitcomb and I am going into my 3rd year as the Athletic Director at West Michigan Aviation Academy. Starting this, I will be also teaching Fit for Flight and helping out Mr. Groce as the Academy Liaison Officer along with my duties as the Athletic Director and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. In the winter, I will be picking up another class teaching Aviation Physiology.

I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Recreation Management. I bring 16 years of basketball coaching experience all throughout West Michigan. I’m entering my second year as the boys varsity basketball coach here at WMAA. Before coaching at WMAA, I had coaching stints at GR Catholic Central, Union High School, Tri Unity Christian and Grandville High School. I also have years scouting pro basketball and served a role as the General Manager of 2 professional basketball teams in the International Basketball League for the Grand Rapids Flight and the Holland Blast. For the past 12 years I have also owned Rivertown Sports a local sports facility in West Michigan.