Monroe, Stephanie

Stephanie Monroe Mrs. Monroe proudly joins the WMAA family as an educator passionate about science and creating an environment conducive to immersive learning. She holds degrees in Molecular Biology and Biology – with K-12 education certification – from the University of Michigan and New Jersey City University, respectively, where she consistently earned high honors and graduated summa cum laude. Mrs. Monroe was recognized for her compassionate allegiance to student progression within the classroom during her student teaching assignment when she was the recipient of the 2012 “New Jersey’s Distinguished Student Teacher of the Year" award.

She brings professional experience with applied science as a former pharmaceutical analyst in NYC and education experience as a teacher within the unique learning arenas of urban, therapeutic, and top-performing high schools: North Bergen High School in Bergen County, NJ, Memorial High School in West New York, Sage Day High School in Rochelle Park, NJ, and Forest Hills Northern High School. Mrs. Monroe attributes these opportunities to affording her with greater insight into the fundamentals necessary for successfully navigating life and attending to the increasingly wide-range of needs possessed by students.

Mrs. Monroe loves exploration of all things and enjoys using her findings to fuel learning within the classroom. She is eager to collaborate with her new talented team of educators to impart her enthusiasm for rigorous science education with students; in the spirit of evoking intellectual curiosity and new understandings while teaching Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Meteorology, and Astronomy this year!