Burrow, Natalie

Natalie Burrow Ms. Burrow is going into her fifth year of teaching at the West Michigan Aviation Academy. She teaches both English 11 and English 11 honors as well as advises the WMAA Yearbook program.

Ms. Burrow graduated from Hope College in May of 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in English with a minor in History. While at Hope, Ms. Burrow joined Dance Marathon’s Dream Team, a student-run organization that raises money for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, and served as a Resident Assistant fostering community on her campus. Volunteer work and community engagement have been passions of hers throughout her education.

Her undergraduate teaching experience includes many different teaching opportunities in various school districts around the Holland area and abroad including Caulderstones Academy in Liverpool, England. She student taught in a 10th grade English classroom at Hamilton High School. She aims to use her background experience to make her classroom a more globally-minded classroom.

Ms. Burrow loves to be involved in campus activities that encourage students to step outside their comfort zone and grow as professionals both in and out of the classroom.