Brasser, Dave

Dave Brasser Mr. Brasser graduated from Calvin College in 2010. He graduated with degrees in mathematics and physics while also completing the secondary education program.

During his studies, Mr. Brasser had the opportunity of serving as a teacher aide at Grandville Middle School, as a student teacher at East Grand Rapids High School, and as an intern at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School (Brooklyn, NY). He had the privilege of tutoring students in addition to his work in schools.

Mr. Brasser is a proud member of the original WMAA staff, joining the school in the fall of 2010. He originally started in the science department before moving to fully to the math department.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Mr. Brasser took over the role of Technology Coordinator in 2012, managing all student and staff technology, including overseeing and managing the four years of the school’s iPad program as well as the current Chromebook program.

Mr. Brasser is currently completing his Masters in Educational Technology through Western Michigan University and is looking forward to using the knowledge he has gained through his studies and continuing to improve his skills as both an educator as well as a technology coordinator.