Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide a rigorous educational program, through an aviation focus, preparing students for unlimited opportunities, including college achievement, career success, and engaged citizenship.

Our Vision

  • Starts with and maintains a well-prepared and disciplined environment.
  • Holds all students to high standards and considers every student a unique individual with potential for success.
  • Upholds important character values such as respect, trust, and care within our school environment and for the wider community.
  • Offers rigorous academic and technical training that requires simultaneously building discipline and confidence.
  • Offers a unique aviation education.
  • Champions the age-old philosophy that people learn best by doing.
  • Employs a diverse staff of motivated, quality educators and leaders.
  • Performs in the top 10% of Grand Rapids high schools annually.
  • Graduates seniors with post-secondary and career opportunities and core aviation training.