Solis, Allison

Allison Solis Ms. Solis has been a part of WMAA since its second year as a Spanish instructor, soccer coach, international travel leader, and head of the foreign languages department.

Before joining WMAA, Ms. Solis studied at Grand Valley State University and the Universidad de Deusto in Spain, where she graduated with high honors, and was invited to be a part of the Spanish National Honors Society. She has also had some incredible opportunities to visit and live in Iceland, France, Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Ms. Solis brings her love of travel to WMAA by offering annual international trips to students; this year she will be taking them to Belize.

Ms. Solis has enjoyed being a part of the WMAA team thus far, and is looking forward to another great year of fiestas, exámenes, y aprendizaje.